Wild Rift Tier List Patch 5.1c

Stay up to date with the Wild Rift meta using our Wild Rift Tier List. This tier list encompasses all roles for Wild Rift, and is a quick way to find the best champion in Wild Rift for the current patch. If you're only looking for a specific role click the filters for a baron tier list, jungle tier list, mid tier list, ADC tier list, and support tier list. This tier list is maintained by iTzSTU4RT, a challenger tier Wild Rift streamer and educator!
All Roles Baron Jungle Mid Duo Support
S+ Tier Currently the best champions in Wild Rift! These champions are very hard to counter and have the ability to carry and win every game.
C Tier These champions don't have many benefits when playing them. Their impact is often lower than those in higher tiers.

Tier List Explained

iTzSTU4RT explains his reasoning behind the placement of each champion in the Wild Rift Tier List role by role. Take a deep dive into Wild Rift strategy and find out more about the current meta for each role. Use this knowledge and our tier list to improve your odds in champion select, and win more games!

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