Wild Rift Rune Tier List Patch 4.3c

Stay up to date with the Wild Rift meta using our Wild Rift Rune Tier List. This tier list encompasses all runes for Wild Rift, and is a quick way to find the best runes in Wild Rift for the current patch. If you're only looking for a specific type of rune click the filters for a keystone tier list, minor rune tier list, domination tier list, resolve tier list, and inspiration tier list. This tier list is maintained by iTzSTU4RT, a challenger tier Wild Rift streamer and educator!
All Keystone Minor Domination Inspiration Precision Resolve
Glacial Augment
Bone Plating
Nimbus Cloak
Zombie Ward
Legend: Bloodline
First Strike
Sudden Impact
Legend: Tenacity
S Tier Currently the best runes in Wild Rift! These runes give champions great value and have insane stats to boost the champions' potential.
Cheap Shot
Second Wind
Hextech Flashtraption
Giant Slayer
Legend: Alacrity
Font of Life
Lethal Tempo
Mark of the Weak
Grasp of the Undying
Last Stand
Coup de Grace
A Tier Strong runes. In the right situation, these runes can benefit champions a lot.
Kraken Slayer
Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Shield Bash
Future's Market
Item Crafting
Sweet Tooth
Nullifying Orb
Courage of the Colossus
Eyeball Collector
B Tier These runes don't have many benefits when using them. Their impact is often lower than those in higher tiers.
Manaflow Band
Ingenious Hunter
Gathering Storm
C Tier These runes have little to no benefits when using them. They are limited to what champions can use them and can struggle to help you win games.
Empowered Attack
D Tier The worst of the worst. Even though every rune can be helpful, you will be at a disadvantage when picking these runes.

Runes Tier List Explained

iTzSTU4RT explains his reasoning behind the placement of each rune in the Wild Rift Rune Tier List. Take a deep dive into Wild Rift strategy and find out more about the current meta for each role. Use this knowledge and our tier list to improve your skills in your rune selections, and win more games!

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